Atlantic Farm Services' Products

Poultry Feed

Our Feed Mills specialize in customizing our pullet and layer feed to most economically meet the nutritional requirements of the various strains of laying birds that are available today. This involves not only following the breeder guides but it also takes into account such mechanical things as the different types of feeding systems in use today.

The goal of our approach is to put the most efficient, effective pullet in your layer barn and then to give you a layer feeding program that will maximize your return throughout the lay period.

Broiler and Turkey Feed

The goal of our broiler and turkey feeding program is to maximize the producer’s return per kg. This is accomplished by recommending a feeding program that produces the live weight that the producer is targeting in the least number of days. In the feeding of broilers we have a very successful sex separate feeding program.

For both broilers and turkey we have had good success feeding varying levels of whole wheat along with the starter, grower and finisher rations that are adjusted for the inclusion of whole wheat.

As a service to our broiler and turkey customers, we retain Dr. Randall Bishop of Cornwallis Veterinarian to consult on our medication program and to make farm visits when necessary.

Dairy Calves and Heifers

The goal of our calf and heifer feeding program is to get 1200 lb and Heifer in the milking herd by 24 months of age. We accomplish this by using our exclusive line of Easy Wean calf starter and Progennise Heifer feeds. In order to reach our goal, we monitor heifer growth particularly the relationship between body weight and withers height throughout the growth period and plot this against our standard. Adjustments in the feeding program are also made on the type of forage or forage being used.

Lactating Dairy Cows

We specialize in providing a feeding program for your lactating cows that works. We start with the forage that you have available and we customize feeds and the feeding program that are necessary to maximize your profitability. We pay particular attention to milk components, milk protein and butterfat, when doing this customization.

Our feed sales representatives with back-up from our nutritionist use various computer ration balancing programs to achieve our objectives.

We monitor the circumstances on your dairy farm and fine tune your ration on a load to load basis to get the results that we expect.

Dry Cows

Atlantic Farm Services is leader when it comes to feeding dry cows. Over the years, we have developed a line of dry cow feeding options that is second to none in feeding in transition. Our exclusive product, Transilac, has proven itself where others have failed. In addition, we offer other dry cow feeds including a top dress supplement and a transition ration.

Horse and Sheep Feeds

To meet the needs of the horse stables and sheep producers in our trading area, we offer a complete selection of bulk feed products for both of these species.

Beef Feed

We offer a full range of products for beef producers including bulk grains, beef rations and minerals.

Feed Ingredients

For those producers that purchase bulk ingredients, we offer these products at our mill. In addition to whole grains, these products are available rolled, cracked, ground or pelleted form.

Our Feed Mills

Moncton Feed Mill

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Truro Feed Mill

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New Minas Feed Mill

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